After hearing of Matt Johnson's passing, I immediately regretted not having shared how much I enjoyed working with him on his music, and that I cherished the time we spent together both in the studio and later as friends. What I can do is share with the rest of the band, and do the same for other musicians I've been lucky to work with over the years.

I first met The Dirty Souls in August of 2013, after exchanging emails with Alex. They visited me at the studio, and a few days later I went to one of their rehearsals in East Atlanta where we had a few beers and talked about The Stones, The Beatles, and if I remember correctly, Aretha Franklin, James Brown, and Curtis Mayfield. After convincing them that I was more than just a weird English accent, we decided to record a few songs, one of them being "Sympathy Tonight".

It was a true privilege to work with Matt and Adam and the rest of the band on their music. I loved recording Matt's vocals and working out parts with him. He put everything out there, and I think that's clear from the music.

My heart goes out to Adam, and all of Matt's family and friends.